Monday, May 31, 2010


I suppose one could accuse me of being quite lazy, as I have not created a new post since April.  Please forgive, I have been quite busy.  So much to do in preparation for my, er, resurrection.

Last week I experienced Manhattan's Little Italy with Mme. Moreno, her agent, Christine Witthohn, and two delightful authors, Michelle Maddow and Colby Marshall.  Of course no one served me any food because no one knew I was there, but there I was, yes, listening in on the stimulating conversation, mouth watering for a cannoli.

And then on Thursday, I tagged along with Mary to Book Expo America, where I was able to ascertain just how competitive the book business is!  Oh, my!  When my book gets published I do hope someone will notice me.  But then, who could fail to notice an 18th Century composer who meddles in the lives of 21st Century musicians?

Right now, Mme. Moreno and I (along with her husband) are relaxing in the Catskills, as she prepares for her next round of editing our manuscript.  And I am contemplating the interview I will be conducting soon with Donna Fletcher Crow, author of the Monastery Murders Series.  Stay tuned for more, my friends.