Sunday, December 5, 2010

Departed but not Forgotten

Today, people all over your world commemorate the anniversary of my departure from said world.  It has been 219 years since I made my transition.  Still, I am alive as ever, expressing myself through my music, which is even  more popular now that it was in my lifetime.  Ever ahead of the curve, so to speak, my music was often considered too dissonant by 18th century audiences.  Yes, I know that is difficult to believe, my friends, but I was the Bartok of my day.  I took chances with harmony.  I delighted in the untried.  I reveled in the unexpected.  And while Vienna audiences had an insatiable appetite for new music - unlike the typical concertgoers of the 21st century, I must say - it sometimes caused them to exhibit a certain fickleness when relating to their musical artists.

Let us leave the past to the past, however, and look to the present.  I am still here, my friends, and I am immensely enjoying your brave new world.  Electronic music.  Digital downloads.  Social networking.  What fun!  So much to keep my occupied as I await my rebirth via Mme. Moreno's mystery novel which feature ME as a key character.  I cannot wait to wreak even more havoc and mayhem in the world of crime fiction.

Mme. Moreno begs me to be patient while she continues the editing process with her agent.  Unfortunately, patience has never been one of my virtues.  Oh well, I suppose while I am waiting I can learn how to Tweet.


  1. Happy Birthday to one of the greatest composers ever and his wonderful Manhattan sidekick!!

  2. Glad you're still hanging around, Mozart! Mme. Moreno has the best agent, so a little more patience please. Good luck with the Tweets.

  3. Happy Birthday, Wolfgang...gone but definitely NOT forgotten!

  4. Thank you, all, for your kindness. I enjoyed many delightful alliances with the ladies during my lifetime, and it is so rewarding to know that I have not lost my touch.